Woman arrested as Clovis Police find her with the personal information of 100+ people.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A traffic stop in Clovis led to a treasure trove of stolen information.

One of the identity theft victims doesn't want her name exposed any further, but she does want to share the psychological pain she's endured the last two years.

"The scary part was they would go on cards I already had, add themselves as a second person, and when I called those cards, they couldn't tell me who that second person was," said the victim.

Earlier this week, Clovis Police arrested 36-year-old Candice Newsome. In her car, officers discovered a notebook with over 100 people's social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and telephone numbers.

"I think everybody 18 years or older should absolutely assume your information is out there and will be used fraudulently," says Drew Mosher of the Clovis Police.

Officers say that the suspect's information likely came from a data breach. While there's nothing consumers can do to prevent that, they should check their mail regularly, not leave personal information in their car, and shred their documents.

"It took weekends of investigating, calling up credit agencies, you have to call over and over again. You didn't know where this was coming from," said the victim.

This victim says she had to cancel at least 5 credit cards in the last year, and when trying to refinance her home, her credit was in shambles.

"It isn't just paperwork, it isn't just idle time is taken up. It is my child is sick and I am at the pharmacy and I need to use my credit card and I can't because this person has used my credit," said the victim.

Detectives say once your identity has been stolen, there is no way to recover it. You should continue to monitor your statements, sign up for a credit service, and most importantly monitor your credit score reports for mysterious accounts.
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