Woman carjacked outside Kaweah Delta Medical Center after visiting friend

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- The car was parked in the lot adjacent to Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia. The victim had been at the hospital visiting a friend.

"Victim was walking toward her car, as she is getting into her car she is approached by a female, Wendy Flores, she is 45 years of age from Visalia," said Sgt. Gary Williams. "She simulates what she has in her right hand as a weapon, tells her to get out of the car, she needs it. The victim obviously fears for her life, exits her vehicle suspect gets in the vehicle, leaves, last seen exiting onto Highway 198."

The woman immediately called Visalia Police. They put out a bulletin and three hours later Kern County Sheriffs deputies found the car and the woman.

Wendy Flores was returned to Visalia and is in the Tulare County Jail. As it turns out she did not have a weapon, but had rolled up a piece of fabric over her hand.

Police say the victim did the right thing.

"Obviously you don't know if the person has a weapon or not," Williams said. "She feared for her safety and just gave her the car and made sure she was okay."

Wendy Flores is being held on carjacking charges.

In a written statement, a hospital spokesperson told Action News, "While this was a rare occurrence the safety of our patients, visitors and staff is a top concern. We will continue to work to keep our campus safe."

The victim was not hurt, and her car was returned.
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