Preventative measures farmers are required to take to keep workers safe in the heat

EASTON, Calif. (KFSN) -- State mandated heat safety training sessions were held in both Spanish and English in Easton as the winds made way for our first real warm-up. The lessons are especially important for field supervisors and crew bosses with temperatures expected to soon hit 90 degrees.

"This year we're starting off cool and we're going to go warm much quicker, so climatization is going to be an issue and the three main essentials of the heat illness prevention are water, rest, and shade," said Eugene Glendenning, Cal/OSHA.

"Most importantly it's encouraging frequent hydration. That's your biggest critical key in preventative tool in staving off the onset of heat-related illness," said Chris Valadez, Ca Fresh Fruit Assn.

Shade structures must be up once temperatures reach 85 degrees. Outside workers must be allowed regular bathroom breaks and have access to cool water at all times. Cal/OSHA requires employers with outside workers to have a heat illness prevention plan.

"To focus on how to identify and if it gets something like next week really hot, then what is your plan to deal with the 95 degrees. When do you have the shade there? Get it there in the morning, set it up," said Manuel Cunha, Nisei Farmers League.

Thursday's sessions focused of agricultural workers but construction companies also fall under the same state laws.

A good reminder for all of us to drink more water more often as summer quickly approaches.
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