Workout Wednesday: Stretching shoulders for better posture

Good posture is essential when it comes to a healthy workout.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shows us how a few stretches can go a long way in your Workout Wednesday.

One of the safest ways to stretch is to do a static stretch. You want to stretch gently; it allows muscles and connective tissue time to reset.

"Sit up straight."

"Keep your shoulders back."

You've probably heard some form of those commands once, or maybe even a thousand times. Bad posture is an epidemic in the U.S., affecting millions of individuals.

Poor posture causes more mental and physical health complications than most people know. Bad posture changes the alignment of your spine, putting pressure on areas that don't need it or can't handle it.

Just like you can train muscles to change sizes, you can train your spine to correct the curve.

The first exercise Rhonda suggests is a shoulder blade squeeze. You want to do at least two sets - five reps each set.

The next exercise is a standing row. You want to pull your shoulder blade back and bring your arm all the way back.

The last exercise is a front arm raise. Bring your arm all the way up to the sky. Work on your form and range of motion.

You can improve your posture; it just takes time and effort.
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