Workout Wednesday: Staying on track with no machines

When working at home or in a gym you want to try a variety of exercises. The legs tend to be left out of the workout when there are no machines. Using equipment that is easily accessible like ankle weights will help you stay on track.

The first exercise I like is a donkey kick with ankle weights. Lift one leg, pulling your knee toward your chest then kick it back behind you and up. Repeat this movement eight to10 times and then switch to the opposite leg. The motion works your bun's and lower back.

The next exercise is called a high step. March, keeping your chest tall and bring your knee up past 90 degrees, remember to take it slow and controlled. You will feel it the next day for sure.

The last exercise is a side leg lift. The side of your thigh will feel the burn. You want to start off with light ankle weights and progress up as you get stronger. Hold on to a bar or chair for balance, and keeping your leg straight, slowly raise it to the side and lower. Do this eight to 10 times and then switch sides.

Remember to work at your own fitness level.
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