Workout Wednesday: Benefits of Stretching Your Legs

When it comes to avoiding sore muscles in your legs and staying flexible, stretching is key.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shows us a few ways to keep loose in your Workout Wednesday.

Leg stretches, when done properly, can reduce the risk of injury and strengthen the muscles.

Rhonda says she likes to stretch after she warms up on a treadmill or bike.

The first stretch, which is for the back of your leg, is called a hamstring stretch. She says it is one of the most important stretches that help to loosen a tight back.

Move slowly and keep your chin up. It's not about how far you can stretch, it is more important to keep proper form. If you can keep your hamstring flexible, it helps the body increase motion.

The next stretch, the quadriceps stretch, is for the front of the leg. Lean on your side and pull your ankle to your buns. It's OK to use a band if you need to assist your stretch.

If you want to stay flexible, do a little every day. It feels good and it is great for your body.
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