Workout Wednesday: Shoulder exercises to improve posture, mobility and ease tension

Improve your posture, increase mobility, and ease the tension in your upper body.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy explains how you can feel healthier just by doing some simple shoulder exercises.

Exercising your shoulders is essential! Your shoulder is on a ball and socket joint that was made to move.

By stretching and exercising the shoulder muscles, we help increase our range of motion.

The shoulder raise is a strength building motion. You want to use no weight or lightweight to start.

Try to build up to 2 set of 12 to 20 reps -- it strengthens the muscle and keeps the socket strong.

The next exercise is a shoulder side raise. Take the motion slow and controlled. The last exercise is a shoulder pivot.

Keep the elbow up for best results, listen to your body and push yourself at your pace.
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