Adjusting to the sudden temperature drop in Central Valley

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Central Valley has taken a break from the heat.

But that break can cause some issues.

"An acute temperature drop such as that, almost like 40 degrees basically, sends the body into a little kind of shock," says Dr. Praveen Buddiga.

Dr. Buddiga is an allergy and immunology specialist.

He says with highs of 115 to now the high 80s, temperature changes can put your body in a vulnerable position.

"It predisposes you to make you sick," he said.

Dr. Buddiga says this is especially the case for the elder community.

Just last week, he was seeing patients with an all-too common heat-related issue.

"Dehydration," he said. "Not drinking enough water, not keeping the body temperature cool."

Buddig's colleague says the recent fires also didn't help.

"A month ago, it was more the pollen, their nose is really dry or they're super congested," says Victoria Barhaas. "A lot of coughing just because of the dryness, and then the weather with all the fires that were going on."

Dr. Buddiga says allergy season has also changed.

"I've seen the allergies almost throughout the year now," he said.

He contributes much of that to poor air quality, temperature fluctuations and high diesel particles with the Central Valley right smack in the middle of north and southbound traffic across the state.

Dr. Buddiga says those with asthma also have to be especially careful.

Sudden changes in temperature can cause your bronchioles right here in your chest to constrict, making it harder to get oxygen.
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