Clovis City council considers the city's first marijuana-related operation

Monday, November 06, 2017 11:27PM
The ordinance does not signal a change in the city's attitude towards marijuana.

CLOVIS, Calif. - These samples will be small, about the size of an eraser top. The state of California will be sending small eraser sized samples to these labs which will be checking them for potency, all under strict security.

In a city with one of the strictest anti-marijuana ordinances passing an amendment, however limited, take detail and time.

On Monday, the Director of Community and Economic Development tried to push for Clovis's first marijuana-related operation.

Andy Haussler said, "The city's hope is that all our businesses grow, and this is an aspect of their business that is new to increase their productivity and their revenues."

With recreational sales in California kicking off in January the state is looking for places to test those products.

A certified lab in Clovis is interested to help and asked the city to re-evaluate its current policy.

Chemist, Diane Anderson said, "The money made from that laboratory would be kept in our community, so it would be a very positive impact to our community."

Experts say there is little security risk in allowing this type of marijuana-related business. Labs will only have limited amounts of product and the material left over has to be properly disposed of.

"Every minute that sample is in the lab, you have to be able to account for where is it, who has it, how was used, and who has it," Anderson said.

Right now, there are only two certified labs to perform these tests in the city and they will have to work the police chief to come up with a security plan.

"It was a very tightly regulated process that I wasn't used to in visiting a typical business, so it was a very secure facility," explained Haussler.

After extensive discussion, city leaders passed the amendment but say it does not mean Clovis is changing its attitude on marijuana.
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