Madera apartment complex evicts dozens of residents unexpectedly

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dozens of people could soon be without a place to live after a North Valley landlord issued unexpected eviction notices to more than half of the 40 or so families who live at the Laguna Knolls complex in Madera.

"We're not even given an option to stay, they're telling us you need to go in 60 days," said Claudia Garza.

Garza has lived with her four kids at the apartment complex for the last three years when she said she received this letter telling her she had to move out by the end of December.

"60 days is not enough. There are people here that have been here since 1984. There are people with disabilities; there are veterans; there are children. It's chaotic. This is something a human shouldn't do to another human, especially all of a sudden."

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Claudia's neighbor Debbie Garza also received what's called a no-cause eviction and says she's on a fixed income and has nowhere to go unless something can be done.

"Can't comprehend someone treating people like this. If it were animal shelter and they were treating dogs this way, putting them somewhere, they wouldn't allow it to happen."

The state of California allows landlords with month-to-month tenants in non-rent-controlled buildings to terminate occupancy with just a 60-day notice.

But Fresno City Council member and Homelessness Regional Task Force member Esmeralda Soria calls the move unacceptable, especially during the holidays.

"If there are organizations out there that can support them, we call upon them to come and help these families. It's a very tragic situation. I would hate to see over 30 families in the streets of our Valley, that is exactly what we're trying to prevent," Soria said.

Management did not want to go on camera.

Tenants are expected to have their voices heard in front of Madera City Council on November 6 in Madera.
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