Summer prep for skin: New procedure removes unwanted spots without surgery

Thursday, June 2, 2022
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- First of its kind technology is helping patients avoid surgery to get rid of unwanted spots or bumps. CellFX uses Nano-Pulse Stimulation technology to treat benign lesions.

The seconds-long procedure reduces the risk of scarring by avoiding surrounding tissue and collagen.

Among the first to offer the treatment in the Valley, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Kathleen Behr says the "Nano-pulse stimulation" technology reduces the risk of scarring by avoiding surrounding tissue and collagen.

Dr. Behr describes the procedure saying, "It has a little tip that we put on the skin, we press down and then it treats and then it sends this nano-pulse stimulation down into the skin and the lesion is treated. Sometimes, you get a little scabbing for a week and then the healing period where the body absorbs the lesion is about 60-90 days."

She says the technology was studied for more than a decade before it was brought to market and we'll likely see its use go beyond benign moles, warts or lesions.

Dr. Behr says, "It actually did the first studies in mice with melanoma and it cured the melanoma, so I think eventually, we may be using this on cancerous lesions."

This is one of many treatments offered at Behr Laser & Skin Center. Services range from the latest facial treatments and injectables to body contouring and laser.

When it comes to summer do's and don'ts, Dr. Behr recommends waiting on some of the aggressive laser treatments until the fall.

She says, "Even for laser hair removal, you want the skin untanned."

Applying and re-applying SPF, wearing hats and sun shirts are a must.

Dr. Behr says the benefits are beyond cosmetic, adding, "Our collagen starts to break down in our 20's, so we want to do prevention. The sun causes that breakdown. It causes skin cancer. It causes aging."

Whether you have a dermatologist or not, it's important to know signs if you need one.

A good rule of thumb if you notice a new or changing skin lesion or mole, it's important to get it checked out.
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