With more rain on the forecast, evacuated North Fork residents fear for homes

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Evacuation orders remain in North Fork and dozens of homes are sitting in feet of swampy water from the weekend storm. (KFSN)

Water flowed heavily from Bass Lake to Willow Creek Sunday, forcing calls for evacuations in the nearby town of North Fork.

Tony Chabaria says it has been nearly two decades since he has seen something like this.
"Hearing all this water gushing down," he said. "It's a remarkable sight to see."

But with only one place to go, the reality for residents nearby is not as pleasant. Dozens of homes there are sitting in feet of swampy water from earlier storms.

"This is the worst one nothing has ever come close to this," Barbara Troup said.

That is why the Madera County Sheriff's Office is keeping mandatory evacuations in place and forcing about 20 families in the area to leave.

Ethan Sadler's is one of them.

"The sheriff's they came knocking on my door," he said.

Sadler says the series of storms flooded his barn, even submerging his fresh garden in water. With additional rain in the forecast, he is worried there is more destruction to come.

"My fear would be that it could get worse," Sadler said. "It could get into the house and make more damage."


Now that property belonging to those who had to evacuate is floating in the water, deputies are remaining close by to keep those looking to cause trouble away.

"We are going to have someone here all tonight and again tomorrow, at a minimum, to prevent people from coming in vandalizing and stealing people stuff that left," Sgt. Nick Davis the MCSO said.

Some say they are getting through this by holding on to faith.

"Just prayed to God to see us through, keep us protected," Chabaria said. "Praise be to him."
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