Some Valley moms redefining the term entrepreneur with online fashion sales

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LuLaRoe fashion takes center stage at Poonam Guinn's home office. (KFSN)

LuLaRoe fashion takes center stage at Poonam Guinn's home office.

"After I got my first set of clothing I was hooked hooked hooked."

LuLaRoe has become one of the biggest clothing trends. With Facebook feeds filling up with invites, sales, and people posting pictures of themselves wearing the company's leggings.

"Simply comfortable is our mantra. What makes us unique is the diversity of the prints. We don't make more than 5,000 units of a print or pattern. It's one of a kind clothing," said Justin Lyon, LuLaRoe Chief Marketing Officer.

LuLaRoe has only been around for four years, but its impact has been great for its retailers. It took an initial $5,000 investment, but Guinn said that commitment has already begun to pay off-- and not just financially.

"We were able to buy our house. I can do something that I love that I don't feel like its work."

Guinn said as a mom, she is able to set her own hours and has newfound financial freedom.

One of the unique aspects of the business is the marketing strategy-- selling online and doing Facebook Live sales.

"You can post photos of your inventory on Facebook and somebody in Wyoming could be buying something from me and then we've made that connection, I've brought the product to her," said Guinn.

Guinn said some people are fanatics about the clothing.

"I have teenagers all the way up to 60, 70's. A lot of the clothing is ageless. It's made for all shapes all sizes, everybody."

Leggings start at $25 and clothing goes up to $80.

"It has changed our lives so much and I get to play dress up all day," said Guinn.

A business savvy mom combining her passion and fashion for her family.
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