Flooding caused by snow melt has Yosemite officials warning visitors to be careful

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Park officials said this snow melt is bigger than the previous four years combined. (KFSN)

Outside of Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park, visitors are mesmerized by the snow melt pouring down Bridal Veil.

"It's incredible, we've been here once before but we've never driven up through this entrance and it's just a stunning panorama," said Julie Ashberner, San Francisco.

But further down into the valley floor, the scene is more concerning as caution tape roped off a portion of swinging bridge because of flooding. Some people though, like Mark Shomer, flirted with the risks to capture nature's beauty.

"Well I wouldn't go into the rapids with my kids today but I felt safe on the path."

Shomer "wouldn't" because he can't-- electronic signs are staked out, telling folks the Merced River is closed and no rafting allowed.

It is not the only location off limits; dozens of units at housekeeping camp are not being rented after snow melt, caused by warmer temperatures, swamped the area.

Dakota Snider captured the early morning overflow with his camera from Pohono Bridge.

"The power of the water was so intense the bridge had this like slight vibration to it and taking long exposure with my camera, the tripod was not actually able to be steady enough."

Park officials said this snow melt is bigger than the previous four years combined, and despite it staying under the flood stage at 10 feet folks are still being warned to stay away from the fast moving, high water.

As of now there are no evacuations or reports of damages just a lot of water, and because the snow melt is just now starting the park is expecting it to be this way for at least a month.
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