Internet DNA test unites sisters for first time after three decades

CROSBY, Texas -- A month and a half ago, a Crosby woman made a stunning discovery that she has an older sister. She says the connection was made by a DNA registry website.

After 35 years, Mary Catherine Nyahay and Rebecca Macintyre shared a hug for the very first time over the weekend when they met in Galveston.

"Before I pulled up I was shaking pulling into the parking lot of the hotel," Nyahay said. "I don't know if I remember the first five seconds of meeting her, but I ran to her and gave her a huge hug."

The women had spent their entire lives unaware that they share the same mother. Mary Catherine says she was put up for adoption as a small child.

"I've always longed to know who my biological family was and where I came from," Nyahay said.

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Rebecca says she was never told about her older sister and says her mother never spoke of another child.

"It was a shock and surprise," Macintyre said. "I've went through so many emotions the past month and a half."
Nyahay began searching for her biological family and, out of curiosity, completed a 23 and Me profile for DNA analysis in order to gain a better understanding of her health history.

Four years later, Macintyre also completed a DNA profile and discovered she shared genes with Nyahay who turned out to be her half sister.

"I have to learn how to be a sister because I've never done it before," Nyahay said.

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The sisters got matching tattoos to mark their first meeting and are planning on their next visit when Macintyre will go to Georgia, where Nyahay lives.

"What do I like about my sister? Oh my God, everything. I like everything about her," Macintyre said.

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