Woodlake Police Officer arrested for sexually assaulting 2 women

WOODLAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Earlier this week, deputies patrolling in the Visalia area checked on a man and woman walking and asked them if they were ok.

While talking with them, the woman said she wanted to file a complaint against a Woodlake Police Officer.

She said the officer sexually assaulted her.

The sheriff's office started an investigation, and soon, investigators met another woman who said she too had been assaulted by the same officer.

The women, according to Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux, did not know each other.

The assaults happened in the Woodlake area, and in both cases, the officer was on duty.

"They described the officer, they identified him by name and other categories that will be submitted to the district attorney, very similar set of circumstances," said Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

His name is Oscar Robles, 26. He started with Woodlake Police in May of 2014.

March 2016 Sun Gazette newspaper article mentions Robles receiving an award from a local Knights of Columbus chapter.

Woodlake Police Chief Mike Marquez then said Robles quote "works with the highest level of honesty and dignity and treats all people with respect."

But during Friday's announcement, law enforcement officials emphasized they were all shocked.

And they believe there are more victims out there.

"We're here for those victims, and we would encourage and the purpose of this particular press conference is that we would encourage any potential additional victims of this suspect that we have arrested to please come and tell your story. We're here for you, we will protect you, and we will not stand for this type of activity within the law enforcement field."

"We want the victims to come forward. We want people to come forward and feel that there is trust in the law enforcement community, that you can report a crime if you need to," said Woodlake Police Chief.

For his protection, Robles is being held at the Kings County Jail.

The Tulare County District Attorney's Office says they have not filed charges against him yet, but say they are reviewing reports and will have more information next week.
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