Reaction from Tim Schuster's close friends here in the valley to the guilty verdict

12/12/07 The guilty verdict for Larissa Schuster ended the wait for Tim Schuster's friends.

"It's been very hard on the family, just because he was such a good friend of the family," said Kelly Braun, Tim's friend.

Four and a half years since Larissa Schuster killed her husband Tim and then stuffed his body in a vat of acid. Kelly Braun finally heard the one word he had been waiting for, Guilty.

"I'd rather her think about it for the rest of her life. The death penalty to me is the easy way out," said Kelly Braun, Tim's friend.

Braun says it's the Schuster's 2 children who suffer the most.

"Their father is dead now and their mom is in prison. What did they do?"

"It's still not going to bring him back," said Mary Solis, Tim's friend.

When the verdict was announced Wednesday Mary Solis said she had a knot in her stomach and left work early because she couldn't focus.

"I was grateful. I was glad it was finally over with," said Solis.

Solis worked with Tim at St. Agnes hospital. They developed such a strong friendship that the Schuster's' and the Solis' even vacationed together.

"I would never have believed that person that we were toasting and sharing that bottle of wine with could in the next turn do something that vile to this man," said Solis.

She and her husband Robert testified for the prosecution in the trial. They watched every detail unfold.

"She did sound very convincing at times," said Solis.

What worried the Solis' the most, is when they heard about the juror caught giving Larissa a thumbs up during her testimony.

"In my mind when you do something like that you're saying to that person, 'good job.' how do you not question what's going to happen," said Solis.

Solis told me now there is only one thing she would ask Larissa.

"I want to know why. I don't understand. I want to know what prompted this whole thing. And why couldn't it have been resolved some other way."

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