Fresno Mayor Race - Poll Results

KFSN 27% percent of voters say they would vote for Henry T. Perea if the election were held right now.

15% percent chose former city council member Tom Boyajian.

Economic development expert Ashley Swearengin came in third with 12% percent of the vote.

City councilman Jerry Duncan came in fifth, followed by Mike Dages, Jeff Eben, and Jim Boswell.

Many of the candidates say changes in numbers are expected now as they begin to campaign more heavily. Henry T. Perea is still holding onto a strong lead. The most notable jump is former councilmember Tom Boyajian's surge into second place.

With 5 months to go until the primary, Henry T. Perea is maintaining a comfortable lead in the race for mayor. According to our exclusive action news poll, Perea has held onto a 12 point lead, ranking hugely popular among Latino voters, five times more favorable than any other candidate. The two-term councilman says he feels voters are beginning to differentiate between candidates as they begin to hear their platforms.

Perea said, "I think people are really listening to what the candidates are saying and what they're not saying. This is an important time in our city's history. Everybody will acknowledge that we are at the tipping point. Either we're going to move forward and turn into a progressive city or we're just going to continue to maintain the status quo."

Economic development expert Ashley Swearengin has slipped a bit in the past four weeks from 17% percent last month to 12% percent, this month. She's still running strong among women and independent voters.

Swearengin said, "I'm running against city hall insiders. A lot of inside Fresno politics are really in this race. So I'm coming from the outside and I feel really good about the impression I've already made on a lot of voters in Fresno."

Pleased with the jump in popularity is tom Boyajian, who is hoping his up-swing shows his precinct walking is beginning to pay off... In the latest poll the former two term Fresno city councilman jumped from tied for third place one month ago to a firm second place.

"We just gotta keep doing well and just keep meeting people and shaking their hand. Tell people that I'm really passionate about being the mayor of this city" said Boyajian.

Councilman Jerry Duncan tied for third place with 11% percent, holding onto the same numbers he earned last month. Duncan wins among republican and conservative voters.

The only newcomer to the race who appeared in the action news poll for the first time is Deputy Mayor Jeff Eben. He and Councilman Jeff Eben are both at 6 percent.

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