Youth with a Mission

KFSN They're coping with memories of a deadly attack during their time in Colorado.

24 year old Matthew Murray went on two deadly shooting rampages back on December 9th in Colorado.

Murray killed four people and injured five others before being shot dead by a security guard.

The first shooting happened at a Christian missionary center in the Denver suburb of Arvada, where Murray was once asked to leave the program.

A nine-member band from the YWAM Denver School of Worship had made plans for a west coast tour starting right after Christmas. The shooting discouraged no one in fact it only made the band more determined to get out their message. Some are vocalists some are keyboardists others are guitarists. They hail from all over the world but they all have one thing in common.

Hanna Blackford: "I really have a heart for God and for what God wants to speak through me and a heart to speak life and truth into my generation. That's why I came to the YWAM School in Denver I really want to impact my generation with music."

The team never expected the evils of the world to invade the walls of their training ground. Two of their friends were gunned down.

Rachel Warren, Team Leader: just even thinking they've been gone for a month it's just surreal it's tough for me even to remember it happened to us it happened to our family to our community.

Hanna Blackford: "You think you're in the safest place in the world a Christian community, a Christian environment and then something like this can happen and you realize that you're trusting God with your life and it's not always safe but God is good.

The music team began its journey in Arizona and will travel through the western states playing in churches and coffee houses until their return to Denver in late February. While they minister to others through their music they allow others to minister to them with words of comfort and healing.

Andrew Harrison: "People have asked me if my faith in God has diminished I'd say my faith in the world has diminished but God is still faithful."

"He knows my name"

The music team will be playing a city wide concert at people's church in Fresno Sunday night.

Citywide concert at People's Church in Fresno
Sunday January 13th
6:30 p.m.
Ground Zero Youth Building
Admission is Free

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