Charges Dropped Against Lonnell "Nitti" Greene

KFSN The district attorney cited insufficient evidence today against Lonnell Greene. "Fresno Uncensored" sparked a massive investigation that netted Greene a rapper also known as Nitti.

He now says the video created a lot of heartache but also proved to be a valuable lesson.

Within minutes of Lonnell Greene's case being called, he walked out of court a man no longer a criminal suspect.

The judge dismissed all charges.

Greene: "I'm Nitti the" gang DVD producer"... no that's not who I am. I'm Nitti the artist, the rapper, the father, the son, the brother ... the guy who is really trying to make a difference in our community whether you want to believe it or not."

Guns, drugs, and gang life were highlighted in the DVD "Fresno Uncensored".

Investigators believed Greene provided illegal weapons to make the video.

Greene denied it.

Calling the production art and protected under the constitution. The district attorney's office declined to say why they don't have enough evidence to prosecute Greene.

Greg Anderson, Chief Deputy District Attorney: "This was one of the most successful arrest and operation processes regarding gang involvement… We've prosecuted over 25 people and over 3000 days of sentence time out of defendants associated with this case."

Music remains an artistic outlet for the rapper known as Nitti. He recently released a new album that Greene calls more positive.

He said "Fresno Uncensored" taught him an important lesson. That people are closely watching what he creates.

Greene: "I don't regret it. I mean I stand by my work. I regret the trouble went through, because if I could do it all over again I would do it all over again."

Greene said he lost a lot of money fighting this court case. Now he is consulting his legal team and may sue to recover his court

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