Political Experts: Obama Gets Momentum

KFSN Sunday political experts say the one campaign feeling momentum is Barack Obama's.

Barack Obama ran away with an overwhelming 55% of the vote in South Carolina and Sunday appeared on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

"I think people want change. I think they want to get beyond some of the racial politics that has been so dominant in the past, we're very encouraged as we go to the February 5th states," says Obama.

Sunday the Obama campaign opened its central valley headquarters off Shaw in Fresno and say after last night's win the phones have been non-stop.

Volunteers are making calls, including longtime democrat but first time campaign volunteer Joe Figueroa. "Matter of fact, I don't liked doing phone-banking- to tell you the truth- but I've been getting so many good comments-that it's inspiring- it really is," says Figueroa.

Obama's campaign says their California strategy is going after independents and getting as many delegates possible.

Temo Figueroa, Obama campaign, says "Whether or not we win the central valley, we're going to fight like hell for every single delegate." "This is perceived as friendly Clinton territory for Democrats- but what we're demonstrating by opening up an office here and all our grassroots support that we're not going to concede any area to Senator Clinton," says Temo Figueroa.

Obama hasn't visited the valley like his chief rival Hillary Clinton, but Democrats say that could change.

Sen. Dean Florez, (D) Shafter, says "I think he recognizes- we were just having a discussion a week ago- when he comes to California that we not just go to the major centers. I think you might see something from Barack Obama in terms of clean air and asthma here in the next couple of days."

Fresno State Political Science Professor Thomas Holyoke says Obama is gaining much necessary momentum moving into Super Tuesday. "He hadn't won anything since Iowa, I think it was starting to look like is he really the front-runner or was Iowa the exception? Because Hillary had been winning since then, but this firmly puts him out as the frontrunner."

Adding to the win two Kennedy's are throwing their support behind Obama; Senator Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy the daughter of former President John F. Kennedy.

The only other Democrat or Republican presidential candidate to open an office in the valley is Senator Clinton whose office opened in Fresno earlier this month.

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