Eddie Scott Not Guilty of Molestation Charges

Fresno A flood of emotions filled the courtroom as the verdict was read. Eddie Scott cried and clutched the attorney who convinced the jury that he did not molest an 11 year old girl.

Eddie Scott said: "My heart is going to explode right now. I don't know what else to tell anybody. I'm just so happy."

It's been a long, emotional journey since police arrested Scott and former teammate Mackey Davis at their Fresno apartment in July of 2006. Davis took a plea deal and was the prosecution's key witness. Davis testified that he, Scott, and several other men had sexual relations with a young runaway.

But a defense expert testified there wasn't a single trace of the victim's DNA on Scott's clothing or body. Juror William White said the prosecution simply did not prove it's case beyond a reasonable doubt.

White said: "There was no proof. DNA was certainly a part of it. They only had one eyewitness and nothing really to back that up."

Royce Dunn, Scott's former college counselor, put up his house for Scott's bond. He said this should not be the end.

Dunn said: "I would feel that my tax dollars would be better served if all of those defendants had been brought to justice, or, at least had to go thru what Eddie went thru when there was no DNA."

But Scott said for him, this verdict could be a new beginning. Scott said: "Hopefully I can get on somebody's field and play football again. That's the main thing. I mean I lost my scholarship and everything when this happened. Hopefully I can get back on my feet and continue to play football."

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