Fresno Teen Sentenced for Deadly Crash

Fresno, CA The judge called the 15-year-old boy a danger to the community and sentenced the boy to 5 years 4 months in a juvenile penitentiary. The victim's family never asked for revenge but hopes they can finally move on with their lives.

German Amezcua survived the deadly accident but his son 9-year-old Sebastian didn't make it. German was in court for the sentencing on Wednesday and said to the court, "I too was injured. When I woke, I woke to the realization that I might already lost all of my family."

German and his family were driving in northwest Fresno when they were hit by the 15-year-old boy driving his mother's car. Action news is not revealing his identity because he is a minor. The boy admitted the crime that killed Sebastian. His mother Jessi and younger brother Emanuel also suffered major injuries.

The defendant's aunt Yasenia Gonzalez stood up in court and said they too are victims, "I believe he is also a victim, because if another car impacted him he could have lost his life. She cries everyday for her son and for the other family also."

Judge Timothy Kams said the community should fear the 15-year-old boy and sentenced him to 5 years 4 months. The judge also paid tribute to Sebastian by reading a heartfelt letter from one of the victim's classmates. Judge Kams said, "Sebastian has always been in my heart ever since he died and I hope god will take care of him. And I have that same hope."

Sebastian's father hopes all kids will look at his son's picture and the car wreck as a tragic lesson. German said, "To really think about your actions before you do things. There are consequences to your actions. They're not always good consequences."

The judge said he felt the defendant can be rehabilitated and return to society. The boy will at least be 19 years old when he is released from custody.

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