Barack Obama's Accomplishment Celebrated in Valley

6/5/2008 Fresno, CA "If Barack don't get another vote in this world I'm proud for him. He's the most powerful black man in America on this day!" said Johnny Nelum, the former president of the Fresno NAACP. Nelum said he never thought he'd live to see a black man nominated for president.

Nelum believes Obama's rise to prominence will be an inspiration to kids of all race, religion and backgrounds. "Regardless of how poor they is or where they come from, they got a chance. I mean you got a chance to live the American dream."

Fresno councilmember Cynthia Sterling is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, but she too recognizes the significance of Obama's accomplishment. "This gives us a chance to tell people, children, everyone in the world you can live your dream and this is what's happening today," she said.

Sterling also said the party wins by nominating Obama as America's first black president but would have also won by nominating Clinton as the first female president too.

"When the best person is at this point in this stage of the game we unify as a party and we go after the seat," said Sterling.

Fresno state socio-political professor Alfredo Cuellar supported Clinton first but then switched to Obama. He said Obama's ethnic background could help strengthen racial divides.

"We see a unique moment in the life of this great nation," said Cuellar. "I think that we'll open the door to (word) that any animosity between the two main ethnicities in this great nation are going to be left behind and we have more to win," he said.

The one resounding theme from everyone Action News spoke with Wednesday night was regardless of whether or not Obama becomes president; he has helped show people of all walks of life that no dream is too big.

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