Clinton in Fresno

8/23/2008 Fresno, CA, USA Last October the former presidential candidate was at Fresno high school campaigning for herself. Today she's headlining at the convention and will take her turn at the podium at 2pm.

Saturday the Obama campaign got a big boost Saturday as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a couple of valley appearances on behalf of the Illinois senator.

People at the United Farmworkers Convention in downtown Fresno greeted Kennedy with applause and cheers as they held signs showing support for Obama. Kennedy told the group with their help, Obama will restore the country's greatness. "The one way we can restore our dignity and hope and our idealism in this country, is for all of us to get together and farmworkers to get together as they did for my father in 1968 and do that for Obama this year," said Kennedy.

The environmentalist told the group 150,000 farmworkers are poisoned by pesticides each year but no government research is being done on the dangerous chemicals. He said that will change when Obama is elected and corporate interests no longer control the government.

After addressing the UFW, Kennedy moved on to a ribbon cutting ceremony at Obama's campaign office in northwest Fresno, where he phone banked on behalf of the candidate. Obama's Fresno supporters said Kennedy's visit, the headquarters opening, and a new vice presidential candidate are all energizing for their central valley campaign.

They said the campaign is about change. "I see a change. I see the young people coming into his campaign. To me, that shows me we're going to have a change," said Clara Burns-Smith.

Sudarshan Kapoor, another Obama supporter, said, "His campaign is a transformation for this country. And we need the transformation like that."


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