Fresno Police Arrest Paralegal for Murder after Dismembered Body is Found

Fresno, CA, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10/29/08 3:00pm Update: The District Attorney filed 1 murder charge against Brian Waldron. His bail is $1,000,000. He will be arraigned Thursday morning at 8:30.

Fresno police say this is the two hour journey deep into the mountains Brian Keith Waldron took Saturday afternoon. Desperate to get rid of a dismembered body. Investigators say Waldron drove the victim to a remote area near the Courtright Reservoir.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Earlier today our homicide detectives accompanied suspect Waldron to the gravesite location where they were able to 3/4 miles off a roadway were able to find what they believe to be the gravesite. It had freshly disturbed soil."

Action News shot this exclusive video late Tuesday afternoon as investigators removed the body. Police believe the victim was killed sometime Friday evening in Waldron's east central Fresno apartment.

The suspect told investigators a bulldog gang member came into his home uninvited. The suspect says the two got into an argument and shortly after the victim was beaten to death with a flashlight and metal pipe.

"Waldron then placed the dismembered body on Saturday into garbage bags and then we were told he put the bags into some type of a suitcase and then the suspect, Waldron, proceeded to clean his apartment."

A neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says Friday night she heard blaring music coming from Waldron's unit and she noticed a man at his door behaving strangely.

"When we were walking out we saw this drugged out guy. And he was all sweating with a beer in his hand and he was all tipsy, falling and stuff."

She distinctly remembers the man's appearance.

"He was young and light skinned. He was all tattooed up, he had a tattoo on his eyebrow and he was just acting weird."

Police say the murder weapon and the saw used to dismember the body were found inside the apartment. The suspect has been cooperative.

Until Waldron came forward, the murder had gone unreported.

The victim's name has not been released. Police are asking for the public's help. They say Waldron rented a commercial carpet cleaner and purchased large garbage bags and cleaning supplies Saturday. If anyone saw him during that time, investigators would like to hear from you.


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