Suspicious Death Investigation in Visalia

Visalia, CA, USA 25-year old Quinton Morris was often seen wandering around this parking lot off Mooney Blvd ... but one cold morning he was found dead behind this Kragen Auto Parts store and now those who knew him are eager to find out what happened to him.

Employees at the Border's book store off Mooney Boulevard are shocked over the sudden loss of Quinton Morris. They say the likeable young man stopped by the store almost every day.

"He would just come in when it was hot or cold and get on the headphones and listen to music and sing really loudly," said Gracie Nunez.

"He was a nice kid, really harmless never bothered anyone he always had his blanket," said Robert Jasso.

Quintin Morris was 25 years old. He was often seen walking around this parking lot in front of JoAnn's Fabric behind Applebee's. Sometimes he would sleep on the grassy areas of the parking lot dividers. Last weekend, he was found dead.

Sgt. Steve Phillips of the Visalia Police Dept. said, "He was laying there in his sleeping bag and this was the 13th of December in the early morning hours."

Many who knew Morris feared he had died in the cold weather, but now this case has taken a more sinister turn. The coroner has confirmed Morris died of internal bleeding from blunt force trauma. Police are now calling his death suspicious.

"It didn't appear he had a lot of friends or people he hung out with so there's no witnesses who can provide any information to what he was doing before he passed away," said Sgt. Steve Phillips.

"It's very unfortunate that that happened to him because he was a really sweet kid," said Gracie Nunez.

Police are asking anyone with information about Morris's death to call them immediately.


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