War protest against an expected troop surge in Afghanistan

FRESNO, Calif. Cindy Sheehan was joined by about thirty people, including members of Code Pink and other local activists at Saturday's protest.

They said President Obama is not keeping his campaign promise if he sends more troops to Afghanistan.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan arrived in East Central Fresno Saturday with a caravan of supporters and a message for President Barack Obama. "We have 68,000. He's sending half again as many and empires have never been successful in Afghanistan."

Holding signs that read "don't go" and "resist," the group stood near the Air National Guard Bas, one of several military bases where they will hold protests over the next few days.

On Tuesday, President Obama is expected to announce he will send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Sheehan and her supporters said they're against the troop surge, as well as the use of drones; unmanned war planes that drop bombs.

"He's going to surge the troops in Afghanistan by fifty percent. It's a substantial escalation and of course, many people in the peace movement are asking for a complete and total withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan."

"How deluded can he be to think that we could go in there and win something that's called an occupation? It's not a war. It's an occupation and nobody wins."

Stuart Weil of Fresno stood across the street from Saturday's protest, criticizing their message. "Support the troops!"

It's a show of support Blake Brown says he appreciates.

The Fresno father returned home in April, after serving a year in Somalia with the Army.

He's now in the independent reserves, but says he can be called back to duty at any moment. "You know, we're fighting for them. Why would we refuse to go? We want to keep our country safe. We don't want another September 11th. We're just doing our job. That's all we're doing."

Sheehan and her supporters will hold four more protests tomorrow in both California and Nevada.

They will end their protest on Wednesday at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs.

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