Two Friends Killed by Gunfire in Merced County

FRESNO, Calif. Family members of 16-year-old Leonal Medina gathered throughout the day after hearing he and a friend ... 21 year old Juan Avalos were gunned down in Medina's detached garage while family members were just a few feet away inside of the home.

Janet Becerra said, "Everybody was home. They were inside the house; Leonal and his friend were in the garage listening to music."

Merced County Investigators believe two or three men may have walked in and fired multiple shots killing the young men instantly. Sheriff Mark Pazin believes the gunmen knew the victims.

"We believe there was a plan, scheme, design to this because victims were in a detached garage it was 1:00 in the morning, they may have profiled the comings and goings of the victims," said Sheriff Pazin.

Becerra said, "I thought he was a sweet heart. He was a good person."

Relatives of 16-year-old Medina said he was a straight A student who attended Valley Alternative School in Atwater. They don't understand why anyone would want to harm him.

"I know he probably had enemies, most teenagers do. But he was the nicest, most well mannered person," said Becerra.

Investigators said there are currently no suspects, but they are looking into connections of both Medina and Avalos.

Sheriff Pazin said, "We're back tracking the past few hours, where these two males may have been what the interactions was with these assailants."

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