Former porn actress speaks out against porn industry

FRESNO, Calif.

Since leaving the industry at age 26, former porn actress Shelley Lubben has become an ordained chaplain.

She also leads the Pink Cross Foundation to help men and women get out of the porn industry.

Lubben starred in about 30 movies from in a one year period, beginning in 1993 and caught herpes and HPV while working in the industry.

She says that porn has become far too prevalent and easy to find in our society. "Our nation is bombarded by pornography all over the internet. Kids are able to easily access it. Even just by searching on Google or Facebook or Myspace. I mean they are just falling into it. It's being stuffed down our throats and someone needs to stand up and say 'no more'."

Lubben will be giving a sermon Sunday at 9 and 11 a.m. at Cornerstone Church in Downtown Fresno.

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