Jewelry heist at Fresno's Warner Company Jewelers

FRESNO, Calif.

The crime started here with a woman making off with a 20 thousand dollar loose diamond. She jumped into a getaway vehicle. But the suspect's escape was doomed from the start. That's because someone in law enforcement driving an unmarked vehicle saw all the commotion and gave chase.

A jewelry store heist came to a crashing halt Monday evening when the suspects' speeding SUV ran a red light.

"It failed to stop at a red light at Bullard and Van Ness, striking another vehicle. That impact caused the Ford SUV to overturn." said Officer Gil Peirsol.

The driver in the other vehicle wasn't hurt, but an ambulance took the robbery suspect and one of her alleged accomplices to the hospital. Once they recover, their next stop will be the Fresno County Jail.

This heist started a couple miles away at the Warner Company Jewelers on Palm and Herndon. President Don Wolfe says a woman asked to look at a loose diamond and then simply ran off. She jumped into a vehicle waiting out front. Fortunately help was nearby.

"Someone was in our parking lot who saw the suspect run out, jump into the car and followed them to the point where they crashed their vehicle." said Wolfe.

Wolfe returned to the store late Monday night to positively identify the diamond which police recovered at the crash scene.

Things worked out this time but Wolfe admits he's still a little shaken. "It's frightening. It's kind of scary. We've been very fortunate. We haven't had any incidents like this ever before. We take a lot of precautions but this is the first time it's ever actually happened and fortunately it ended well for us."

Police say the getaway driver ran away from the crash scene and is still on the loose. If you have any information you're urged to contact Fresno Police.

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