Parc Grove Commons offers affordable housing with an upscale look

FRESNO, Calif.

Parc Grove Commons is located at Fresno and Clinton, across from the VA Hospital.

People will be surprised by the style and affordability of these apartments. Dozens of hopeful applicants are now undergoing extensive credit and background checks.

Parc Grove Commons is unlike any low-income housing ever seen in the valley. A four-bedroom townhouse with a washer and dryer rents for $914.00 a month. Two bedroom units go for as low as $586.00 a month.

Letty Shamma said, "Just because you cannot afford to pay those rents that people do pay in the north does not mean that you should have any less luxury than they have. We all work hard for our money regardless of what we make."

Only a luxury complex would come with a room full of 15 computers, an exercise room, a learning center, three playgrounds and a swimming pool.

Mary Zapata will be among the first to move in March 14th. "Very nice, very beautiful."

Housing priority will be given to residents displaced when the old Funston housing projects were torn down three years ago. Veterans are next on the priority list. The VA Hospital is located across the street. Patient parking already is difficult to find in the area.

Hospital Associate Director Susan Shyshka is concerned visitors to Parc Grove Commons may use the VA Hospital lot. "The worry would be that if people were going to use our area for parking and then try to cross the street and it wouldn't be safe."

But Shamma says the complex has plenty of parking. "There are enough spots even counting if each household had for example had two cars."

Many veterans weren't happy about losing 30 more spaces when the city of Fresno established a bike lane on Clinton last year.

Shyska said, "Patients who are looking for parking sometimes I don't think they see the sign that says no parking. They get a ticket."

By January the hospital expects to have a new three-story parking lot in place. "That definitely will decompress the parking issues that we've had in this area." Shyska said.

Parc Grove Commons has 215 units. If you interested in living there you can call (559) 222-3860.

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