Memorial for Judy Soley held in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Judy Soley was gunned down at Bass Lake by the estranged husband of one of her clients. She practiced family law for nearly 40 years.

Judges, lawyers and hundreds of others in the legal community bid farewell in Downtown Fresno Monday to a woman they say was one of the most able people they've ever met.

As a family law attorney Judy Soley was a force to be reckoned with.

"Judy was the consummate lawyer, the lawyer we all like to watch in court, the one we all like to emulate, the person - if we had a question - we could always ask her, a person who is going to be missed immensely now because of this tragic accident," Mike Margosian said.

The 65-year-old Soley was having lunch with her client Sandy Williamson at Ducey's Restaurant in Bass Lake when Williamson's estranged husband shot them both.

Two of Williamson's daughters were among those in the sea of mourners.

But for Soley's family and friends, they'd rather remember how Judy lived, white water rafting, traveling, cooking and gardening. Family court judge and close friend Kimberly Nystrom Geist says even though Judy was disabled she was more than able to accomplish whatever she desired.

"It had no impact on who she was as a person other than training the rest of us to be senstive about those with disabilities... understanding that people with disabilities are able in every other way," Hon. Kimbery Nystrom-Geist said.

Judy Soley's only daughter, Leslie followed in her mother's footsteps becoming a partner in her mother's law firm two years ago.

Leslie will now carry on in her mother's honor.

"My mom was - and always will be - my hero. My main goal in life remains the same... to make my mother proud. Thank you," Leslie Soley said.

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