Judgment Day: The Countdown to May 21st

FRESNO, Calif.

Back in November Harold Camping said to Liz Harrison "There's going to be a great earthquake such has never been, it'll be so great that all the tombs everywhere in the world are going to be thrown open, that's going to require a granddaddy of an earthquake!"

Harold camping was at his Oakland office for an interview about what he thought would happen on May 21, 2011.

Monday by phone, Harold Camping said he's more sure than ever that this Saturday is Judgment Day. He said, "It's absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, going to happen."

89 year old Harold Camping hosts a Christian radio show five nights a week that is broadcast on Family Radio and translated all over the world. He bases his "endtimes prediction" on a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden in the bible. But there are many in the worldwide Christian community who disagree with Camping's theology.

Van Oosten said, "My personal opinion is when somebody predicts a specific day, the Lord says I will not come back on that day."

Pastor Jan Van Oosten of North Fresno's New Covenant Community Church is doing a series of sermons on the "endtimes" because of all the chat about Judgment Day.

Van Oosten says he believes no one knows the day or time of the end of the world.

Harold Camping says it will begin at six o'clock on Saturday on the other side of the world. He said, "Kind of like a progressive earthquake, the bible talks about it going from nation to nation, the bible talks about those standing far off and weeping and wailing."

Camping says he will spend what he believes will be his last hours on earth watching it all unfold on TV at home with his family.

Liz Harrison asked Camping, "If you're still here on Monday, can I interview you on Monday?"

Camping said, "I will not answer your question."

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