Fresno County Sheriff raids Centerville marijuana collective


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"/*Herbal Solutions*/" has been at its' Highway 180 location since February. The vice team arrested 30-year-old /*Jessica Becker*/ and took all the marijuana and other evidence inside the collective.

Deputies also raided Becker's /*Sanger*/ home and seized about 500 plants with a street value estimated at more than a million dollars.

/*Sheriff Margaret Mims*/ says Becker sold pot to undercover officers, even though she isn't their primary caregiver.

The business' landlord says he thought "Herbal Solutions" was operating within the law despite the proximity to a school.

/*Jason Stoddard*/ said, "How the sales are handled, I don't exactly know what's legal and what's not and I'm not sure anybody in the state of California does, but the people come in, they purchase what they purchase, and they leave."

Sheriff Mims says, if the collective reopens, they'll face more trouble. This is the sixth of 17 /*Fresno County*/ collectives raided by sheriff's deputies.

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