Fairmead accident victim remembered

FRESNO, Calif.

A crowd of nearly two hundred people gathered at Fairmead Elementary School, to comfort and support his family. Reciting the Rosary, lighting candles, and reflecting on the loss.

Longtime community member Barbara Nelson said; "We're really feeling sad and hurt, a person so young, 16-years-old, a tragic accident like that so we're all aggrieved by it."

Friends Jennifer Martinez and Jose Salcedo remembered their classmate; "He was a great guy, always with a smile." "He was a very funny guy. Always outgoing. Very good soccer player."

Jose Trinidad was in a car driven by his older brother Andreas, when they were hit head on by an allegedly drunken driver. Andreas said a lawyer advised him not to talk about what happened. But his 13-year-old sister Maria shared her feelings, about the turnout and the loss of her brother.

"Oh, I feel kind of like happy knowing that my brother actually had people that cared about him," said Maria. "On the other side I feel sad have to accept that he's not here anymore but at lea t he's somewhere happy. Somewhere, you know in heaven."

The community of neighbors and friends are doing what they can to comfort the family and show them they are not alone in their grief.

Barbara Nelson said; "This support in the community that's all we have, that's helping the family to let them know we are here for them."

Friends are planning a fundraising car wash for the family. It will be held Saturday and Sunday at Conchita's Tacos in Chowchilla.

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