Chowchilla man brews up trouble with viral YouTube video

FRESNO, Calif.

The video makes fun of Starbucks customers and their drink orders, but Starbucks bosses aren't laughing.

Christopher Cristwell was fired Tuesday after five years with Starbucks.

The song is called 'the Starbucks rant song,' It was posted back in July.

Cristwell said the ways he pokes fun at customers in the song are based on his observations as a barista.

"Welcome to Starbucks my name is Chris, I'll be your barista for the day. Can I make a drink for you miss? I know you've had a (expletive) day, so have I," the song begins.

The video, featuring a now former Starbucks barista in nothing but his underwear and company issued green apron, now has more than 50,000 hits on, and the clicks keep streaming in.

"It was posted for my co-workers and people that I knew, so they could get a laugh out of it," Cristwell said.

The 25-year-old is a self-taught guitar player. He said he wrote the song in about 45 minutes.

The song continues "you didn't order it dry but you want no milk at all, you throw it back in my face and say I got it wrong when I've got a line of drinks a mile long."

Cristwell's inspiration for the song brewed up during a stressful shift at the Starbucks in Chowchilla.

"I'm being incredibly honest about the work experience for a lot of baristas that work for Starbucks," Cristwell admitted.

A week and a half ago the Starbucks bosses took notice of the song, and they didn't like what they heard. But Cristwell said his song is not meant as a jab at the java giant. "I basically told them it was a satire, that it was a comedy song," he said of a meeting he had with several corporate managers.

"I just came up short on your vanilla bean, I'll just inject whip cause it can't be seen," Cristwell wrote in the song.

Cristwell not only pokes fun at his customers, but his freeloading friends as well.

He said he understands why he lost his job, but he doesn't regret posting the video. In fact, he said his bosses praised his creativity.

Cristwell is studying to become an emergency medical technician. He is currently looking for another job.

Action News did reach out to Starbucks for a comment, but they did not get back to us at the time this was posted.

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