40 illegal assault rifles, grenade launcher seized in Kingsburg

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno area police officers seized forty "military-type" assault weapons during the raid. Investigators first thought they may be connected to a Southern California military base. They ruled that out after the raid but they're still not sure where the guns came from.

Kingsburg resident Christopher Haga, 42, was arrested Wednesday night when police say they made a surprising discovery at his home. Police discovered dozens of weapons after serving two search warrants. The first took place at Haga's auto repair shop in Parlier.

"The business owner, Chris Haga was sitting there actually with one of the weapons, was showing it to an individual who was inside the business," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. "That weapon was determined not to be illegal."

But when agents raided Haga's house in Kingsburg they say they found 40 illegal assault rifles.

"The vast majority of those were in the attic area and some of those were in a safe within the garage," Dyer said.

Investigators say the most shocking discovery came when they found a grenade launcher and dozens of magazines and ammunition inside Haga's home.

"For the life of me, I can't understand why an individual would need a grenade launcher but he had one in his possession and again if that got into the wrong hands, it could be devastating on a neighborhood," said Dyer.

Many of those neighbors - who did not want to go on camera - were just as surprised. Some described Haga as an outstanding citizen and great father. They are puzzled as to why Haga would need all those illegal arms.

"We're hopeful that through our ongoing investigation, we'll be able to determine not only why he had these weapons but where he obtained these weapons from, and whether or not he was selling these weapons to anyone in our community," said Dyer.

Police said they are still trying to get more answers as to why Haga was in possession of the weapons but are glad that they did not end up in the wrong hands.

Haga is charged with 40 counts of possessing illegal assault rifles and could face federal charges. He was released from Fresno County jail early Thursday morning due to overcrowding.

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