Airman return from Afghanistan

FRESNO, Calif.

Kalya Martinez managed to reach her husband on the concourse before he got to her.

Reporter: "Did you worry about him?"

Kalya Martinez: "I was worried but I got to talk to him quite a lot, so it was nice."

Family and friends arrived early to ensure they were ready and waiting for loved ones.

Julio Martinez is one happy man to be home.

Julio Martinez: "I was an electrician in Bagram, we took care of all the air field lighting, on the air field."

He is among six members of the California Air National Guard's 144th Fighter Wing... who deployed to the sprawling bag-rom air base six months ago.

With civil engineering and heavy equipment experience they assisted in keeping the 32 acres of runways safe to use.

Daniel Bravo liked the work except for the occasions when heavy shelling that drove troops to their bunkers.

Daniel Bravo: "We'd do things on the runways if there were attacks and the runway got hit we'd have to go and do repairs on the runway so the jets can get up and complete their mission."

Teresa Bravo didn't' stop worrying about her son Daniel until she could see for herself he was safe.

Teresa Bravo: "I'm glad and so happy that he's home safe. And I'm really proud of him that he served his country."

Daniel Bravo: "I new when I joined there was that there's always a chance that I can get called to go and I'm ready to go when I need to."

For the Bravo family this week also marks his shared birthday with his mom. And this night these families will celebrate the safe homecoming of their loved ones.

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