World Ag Expo gets bigger every year


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Adkins' hit "Marry for Money" may have not been the most romantic tune this Valentine's Day, but the song was exactly what the crowd of fans wanted to hear. As opening day at the expo came to a close, couples like Brook Alvarez and Ed Castro arrived for a date night at the ag show. "She loves him. She deserves to go. So I thought I would bring her here and spend Valentine's Day with my favorite woman," said Castro, a resident of Visalia.

Adkins is the second singer to perform for "Concerts for a Cause." Money raised goes to local, state, and national ag education programs. "Agriculture is so important to our community. And without agriculture, the World Ag Expo wouldn't be here. So it just makes sense. It's a perfect fit for us to be contributing back," said World Ag Expo Communications Director Liza Teixeira.

The concert also provides evening entertainment for thousands of visitors here for the ag show. Wisconsin grower Nathan Wolosek is in Tulare for the first time this week. So far, he's impressed. "The weather's been great. The show's great and the concert will be great. We're having a great time," said Wolosek.

Locals also benefit from the concert. They are happy to see a country music star in their small community. "To have a big act is pretty special. We get really excited when something comes in, instead of it being Fresno or L.A. or something like that," said Dave Ribeiro of Tulare.

Josie Salinas of Vislia agreed. "I love music. I think it's going to draw more people out. Which is good for the economy, which is good for Tulare County," said Salinas.

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