Easter spending is up from last year

FRESNO, California

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Many Valley shoppers we spoke with say they're planning to spend more for the holiday, this year, than they did, last year.

That follows a trend, reported by the National Retail Federation, which says Americans will spend $16 billion on everything from candy, to cards, to clothing. That comes out to an average of $145.00 per person.

Local marketing experts say, even with a tough economy and high gas prices, many people are willing to spend a little more to enjoy a holiday, at home.

"People are just trying to stay close to their families," Veronica Camacho told Action News. "It seems like that's all people can do now with all the other problems going on so people are just staying close, showing them you care by buying stuff and spending time with them.

Retail experts also say, more people are also using their cell phones and tablet computers to research items and compare prices, before they even walk into a store.

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