Army vet with a Purple Heart accused in jewelry heist

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Raymundo Segura*/, /*Corey Gray*/, and /*Justin McLean*/ have been arrested for stealing $138 thousand in jewelry during an armed robbery in Southeast Fresno.

In surveillance video, you can see the suspect rush in and start smashing out glass displays with a hammer.

Police say Corey Gray, assisted by army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Justin McLean.

"It was very apparent to us that this individual had training and that training allows individuals to remain calm under fire," said Chief Jerry Dyer. "Calm under a stressful situation like a robbery and that's what we saw."

Police say the quick robbery was profitable. The suspects grabbed 161 items in three minutes. The jewelry is valued at $138 thousand.

All but one employee working at the time was ordered to the floor while the suspects swiped everything they could.

Action News tracked down Raymundo Segura Senior about the crime.

"Do you know Corey and Justin?"

"No, maam, no maam"

"Don't know nothing about them, nothing."

Police say Segura was arrested wearing a gold ruby ring taken during the heist.

"All I did was buy a few merchandises from a few youngsters in the streets and they took that and ran with it, and tried to accuse me of being part of it," said Segura. "And I know nothing about it."

Segura was taken to jail for possession of stolen property and being a felon in possession of guns. He spent about six hours in custody before he was released due to overcrowding.

Police did not reveal his connection to the other suspects. But investigators say Justin McLean was discharged from the army in December of last year. Investigators say he had rock cocaine for sale on him when he was arrested.

During a search of two homes, police recovered ballistic vests that appear to have been stolen from the military including shock plates. They also located a MAC 90 assault rifle.

Investigators say Mclean confessed to the crime before making an unusual request to detectives.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "He asked if he could see the video of this robbery and he said the reason why was he wanted to time himself to see how fast he was able to do that robbery."

Detectives say Corey Gray led police right to him after he left two palm prints at the jewelers. Crime scene investigators also found blood, from one of the suspects left behind from breaking glass.

Justin McLean bailed out of jail. Corey Gray is still in custody. Mclean told investigators they sold the jewelry for $800.00. Police believe the pair sold much of the jewelry to another local store, so they are now looking to track down the stolen gold, silver and diamonds.

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