Alcohol may be a factor in triple fatal Porterville crash


/*Alex Tovar*/, /*Misty Franco*/, and /*Stanley Redday*/ were all killed during a traffic collision along Highway 190 Thursday morning at Road 284.

The accident killed three tribal members and has saddened the tight-knit community on the reservation. Action News has learned there was a fourth person in the car with the victims and will survive his injuries.

The California Highway Patrol says 27-year-old Misty Franco, 25-year-old Alexis Tovar, and 41-year-old Stanley Redday were killed when their car went through a stop sign on Road 284 and slammed into a truck heading westbound on Highway 190.

After gathering numerous witness statements, the CHP determined there was a fourth passenger in the car, but for some reason left before officers arrived on scene. The CHP searched the area but couldn't find him.

Officers discovered he was recovering at a hospital in Visalia. Sergeant Boudreaux says the driver of the truck was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. The CHP suspects alcohol could have been a factor in the crash.

Sgt. Boudreaux said, "When we arrived on the scene of the collision the vehicle that was broadsided there was alcohol in the vehicle it was strewn about the scene there were cans about the scene in the vehicle and outside the vehicle."

Family members of Alex Tovar are shocked and heart broken by his death. They are remembering him not for how he died, but as a loving father of two little girls.

Tovar's step-brother, Leo Acosta said, "Everybody's real you know sad right now it's sad time right now we lost a good guy and he's a good dad a good brother."

Alex's family spent the day making funeral arrangements. The California Highway Patrol is still waiting for toxicology results to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crash.

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