A Valley elementary school spends two days without heat

FRESNO, Calif.

Herndon-Barstow Elementary School Principal Leah Spate, said maintenance crews first noticed the furnace needed to be fixed Monday morning when students returned to class from the winter break.

"When we arrived back to school for our first day, it was discovered that our heater wasn't working properly so we called maintenance out and they checked the system," she said. "They determined there was a boiler part that malfunctioned that had to be ordered."

Spate said, a phone or email message went out to parents alerting them to the problem. It also asked them to send their students to school wearing warmer clothing.

"Today I put her in lots of turtlenecks, mini-shirts and jackets," said Jessica Church, a mother of a preschool student. "I definitely wanted her to be warm."

Spate said, the district also provided the school with space heaters to make the classrooms more comfortable for students and staff.

"A pretty good size of the campus was impacted," she said. "It wasn't the way we like it at a toasty 72 or 75 degrees, but it was tolerable by the end of the day."

Just before school got out Tuesday afternoon, Superintendent Mike Berg confirmed workers had fixed the furnace and said it would be back up and running when students return to class the following day.

"The district did everything it could to solve the problem," he said.

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