Food truck inspection time in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The last two weeks in March is a time mobile food vendors need to be ready for. That's when they have to bring their trucks or even bikes and pushcarts in to be looked over by the health department.

Dave Pomaville of the Fresno County Department of Public Health says it's a big job.

Pomaville explained, "We have about 450 different mobile food vending vehicles of all different shapes and sizes each of them will come through here over the next few days and be inspected by one of the department staff."

Among things inspectors check are cleanliness, they make sure the water is hot and the refrigerators are cold.

Tony Mullings owns Tako Bak the Valley's only Korean Barbeque truck. He doesn't mind the inspection process.

Mullings said, "It's necessary, we have to be clean and be inspected, let the people know that our truck is clean so they will be comfortable eating off of it."

Mobile food operators can prepare for this inspection, but Pomaville says surprise inspections are also held.

Pomaville added, "While they are out in the community working we will stop by and do unannounced inspections of these facilities while they are operational to make sure they have the proper food handling practices in place."

You can check out the inspection records of mobile vendors, or any restaurant by going to the Fresno County Health Department website. Click here

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