Made in the Valley: Grundfos Pumps

FRESNO, Calif.

For more than 50-years Grundfos Pumps has been making its mark in California and around he world. On Thursday, people have flown all over the country and world here to East Central Fresno to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary.

The pump company has a local Clovis connection. Einar Cook, an American of Danish descent, visited Denmark from Clovis. In 1963, Poul Due Jensen traveled to the United States, where he discovered that there was a growing market for pumps, especially in California where they were essential for farms and vineyards.

A decade later, in 1973, Poul Due Jensen established his American company in California, buying 47 acres of farmland in Clovis. He employed Einar Cook's son Jerry as president of the new company.

Under Jerry cook's leadership, the company began to flourish. He initiated all activities for Grundfos in North and South America and, for 23 years, served as president of Grundfos USA and Board Chairman of Grundfos companies in Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.


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