Fresno attorney reenacts testimony from Kai the hitchhiker

FRESNO, Calif.

Kai, also known as /*Caleb Lawrence McGillivary*/, gave Fresno investigators a statement last February. Prosecutors needed the jury to hear what Kai witnessed during the accident in which Rayshawn Neely was pinned between his own bucket truck and McBride's car.

Prosecutor Steve Wright was given the job of reading Kai's testimony to the court.

"I mean he (expletive) ruined the vibe man," Wright said as he read Kai's testimony.

"What do you mean by ruined the vibe?" an attorney asked.

"I mean he smashed in the (expletive) construction crew," Wright said as he read Kai's testimony.

Wright even spelled Kai's name for the jury.

"Will you tell us your first name, the one that appears on paper? Caleb Lawrence McGillivary," Wright said.

McGillivary, also known as Kai can't be in Fresno because he's jailed on murder charges of his own in New Jersey.

According to /*Kai*/ the driver, Jett McBride, drove straight toward Neely.

"When he said watch this, I'm Jesus Christ, did he have both hands on the wheel?" an attorney said.

"Yeah," Wright said as he read Kai's testimony.

"And did he intentionally drive the vehicle towards those workers?" an attorney said.

"Yeah," Wright said as he read Kai's testimony.

Defense attorneys claim that it was Kai who grabbed the wheel. Kai claims that he ran to Neely's aid using his hatchet. PG&E employees told jurors that McBride was behaving strangely and acting erratically.

"So he's on his knees, nude, saying I am Sparta and then the police officers get back on him again?" Defense attorney Scott Baly asked a witness.

"Correct," the witness said.

Jurors also saw pictures of the hatchet and heard testimony from a forensic examiner about the marijuana both Kai and /*Jett McBride*/ picked up in the Tower District just moments before the accident that nearly killed Rayshawn Neely. The court will also decide whether the driver was sane at the time of the accident.

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