Hungry Dog Delivery; Fresno State students start restaurant delivery service

FRESNO, Calif.

The young entrepreneurs have launched a delivery service that started with a simple idea -- and it has now blossomed into a business.

Sara Remus is a Public Relations major and Cody Scheidt studies engineering. Together these Fresno State students are the proud owners of Hungry Dog Delivery.

"If you want food but don't feel like going out to get it, or you don't have a car and can't go get it, call or text or send a message through the website, and I go pick it up and bring it to your house or wherever you are," said Scheidt, Hungry Dog Delivery.

The couple came up with the idea back in November when Sara's car was in the shop. "I live with my grandma right now, and she said, 'Oh I really want Doghouse,' and I said, 'Oh I don't have a car,' and I thought it would be really cool if there was someone who could deliver this so we could enjoy going out without going out."

That craving for the popular Doghouse Grill near campus inspired the teens to quickly launch their business. "I immediately made Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and got a website started, and we were getting orders within the first 5 minutes of being online. It was really weird. Apparently people have been waiting for something like that," said Remus.

Customers in the Fresno-Clovis area can order food from any local restaurant or groceries from their favorite stores. The delivery fees range from $5 to $10, depending on the distance. So far, these students say the formula is working. "We're actually making money, we're not just breaking even," said Scheidt.


Click here for the Hungry Dog Delivery website

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