Made in the Valley: Basilwood Farms


Basilwood is a family owned and operated goat farm in Prather. They have two full-time employees, Jill (Mom) & Shelby (daughter). Plus, Jill's husband and son-in-law work whenever they are home doing the many projects to keep the operation going.

Currently they make approximately 1000 bars of soap a month. These are marketed and sold to customers directly, through retailers in the Fresno area, San Francisco & Oregon and online throughout the U.S.

They also make deliveries directly to their customers' door in the Fresno/Clovis area every Wednesday. They said people are generally surprised and pleased to see them show up with their bag of goodies.

The entire process, from milking our goats to cutting, beveling and wrapping our soap is done by hand. No machines. And they say they like it that way.

Basilwood Farms say goat's milk is really wonderfully moisturizing for skin, especially great for those suffering with eczema or psoriasis, and has natural alpha-hyroxy acids in it which helps slough off dead skin and promote new skin cell growth. Each of their bars contains approximately 20% whole goat's milk.

They say because the soap is made with natural ingredients and wholesome goat milk, it doesn't leave you feeling dry and itchy after a bath or shower. They say by using goat's milk soap, the need for lotions and creams is drastically reduced. The guys even use it for shaving!

It takes 4-6 weeks for our soap to cure.


For more on Basilwood Farm, visit their website at

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