Video shows woman stealing baby goat from CA field; owner worried newborn won't survive

PINOLE, Calif. -- It is a race against time to find the person who was caught on camera taking a newborn goat in Northern California Friday.

A home security camera captured the alleged theft.

That person walked up to goats helping clear the hillside of dry grass for East Bay MUD.

The suspect then snatched that baby goat and walked off with it -- leaving her mother watching on that hillside.

That person hopped into a car that then drove off.

The owner of Goats R Us is in disbelief, believing the goat-napping might have been some cruel prank.

"It's so very unkind. the baby goat needs its mama, the little baby goat needs its mother. The mama is still very sad. She's looking for her little kid. It just isn't there," Goats R Us owner Terri Oyarzun said.

Oyarzun said it is a race against time to find the goat and save her life.

Newborn goats typically do not survive without being by their mother's side.

Police are also investigating.

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